Happy FamilyMarina Stepanyan, DDS  

Dental care is about much more than teeth cleaning and cavity filling, even though these services certainly are important to everyone’s oral health. Good dental care is also about paying close attention to the needs and comfort of our patients, enabling them to voice their preferences and concerns with confidence. At City Dental Care, we strive to offer our clients exactly that. Whether you have insurance or you’re paying out of pocket, we guarantee some of the lowest rates in the area to make quality dental services in Los Angeles more attainable.

As a member of the CDA and a California Dental Board-verified dentist, our founder, Marina Stepanyan, DDS, proudly serves the residents of Hawthorne and the surrounding areas by meeting their dental care needs with expertise and compassion. Your teeth and gums deserve the best possible treatment at the most affordable prices. We are here to offer the highest level of care possible!

Enjoy our personalized approach to dentistry. Each of our services is carefully tailored to meet your needs, as no two sets of teeth are exactly alike. Throughout our time with you, we promise to get to know you while helping you better understand the needs and condition of your smile. As your local dentist here in Hawthorne, CA, our goal is to set you up for long-term dental health success. Get in touch with City Dental Care today for dental services designed with the whole family in mind.

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