When it’s an emergency, you need a compassionate, knowledgeable dentist right away. The team at our Hawthorne dental clinic is ready to help you! Don’t delay; contact us.

When It Hurts And You Need A Dentist Now

Pain is not something you should have to handle on your own. When your teeth, gums, or mouth hurt, we are here to assist and provide treatment that will alleviate the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. As your South Bay dentist, City Dental Care Hawthorne will help with whatever dental emergency you or your loved ones are dealing with.

Your Local Emergency Dentist

It’s true that we offer family, cosmetic, and general dentistry services, but you can also think of us as your local emergency dentist. These are just some of the types of dental emergencies we help our patients with:

  • Your child was injured at school during sports and broke a tooth.
  • Your teenager is experiencing significant pain that can be alleviated through impacted wisdom teeth removal.
  • You were involved in an accident that caused a tooth to fall out.
  • Your spouse has swollen, bleeding gums and is complaining about intense mouth pain (this may be alleviated through our deep gum cleaning treatment).
  • Your parent is complaining of painful mouth sores, and you suspect an infection.
  • You’ve been in an auto collision and you are experiencing significant jaw pain.

These are just some examples of times when you need to seek the services of a local emergency dentist right away. There are many other cases when you should find a dentist and seek help sooner rather than later. When in doubt, call our office and our caring staff will be glad to assist.

Contact Our Hawthorne Dental Clinic Today

For all of your dental care needs, from emergencies to routine dental care, reach out to our Hawthorne dental clinic. We are here to serve you and your family by providing top-quality dentistry services. Reach out and contact us today to make your next appointment.